Just another
packaging company?

How is seal

If you think getting the right packaging is about placing an order and waiting for a follow up, you’re in for a surprise. At seal, the final order is actually one of the last steps in the process.

We start every project with a personal visit. We come equipped with the information and resources to discuss all your possible options. Since there are no standard orders at seal, and every job is a custom one, we guide and direct you until you feel confident that you’ve purchased the best choice. Your order is then processed, though we continue to follow it attentively until we're 100% sure you're satisfied with the final product.

At seal, your product is our personal business. And we do what it takes to assure that it’s wrapped in the seal it deserves.

We don’t
process orders

We create them with you.

We come down to you, educate and guide you, to make the most informed
choice so that your product stands a chance in todays overstimulated marketplace.

The seal your
products deserve.

We custom create every project to perfectlly suit your product. We also offer an extensive line of packaging
profection, supplies and everything you'll need to see your products off safely and efficiently.

corrugated boxes
paper bags
plastic shopping bags
poly bags
mailers & envelopes
trash liners
packaging supplies
packaging protection
shrink wrap

Go ahead, challange us.

We're looking forward to work with you to create the perfect choice for your product's seal.



29 Karlsburg Rd

Unit 102

Monroe, Ny 10950